Clusters 4 Ukraine

Clusters mobilization for Ukraine's Victory

  • Evacuation

    or relocation of SMEs

  • Support

    for critical production

  • Logistics

    of humanitarian aid

About the initiative

The Clusters4Ukraine initiative connects the needs of Ukrainian clusters with European communities in order to support the economic activities in the country’s regions, improve the security situation and provide humanitarian aid during wartime.

Reallocation of human resources of industrial and hitech SMEs for the needs of critical industries

Support for critical industries (food, medicine, clothing production, separately – supporting critical infrastructure facilities)

Clusters mobilization for humanitarian aid provision to its participants and civilians

Cluster members evacuation to safe regions to continue economic activities

Project coverage area is the territory of Ukraine

At the moment the project coordination is underway in 10 regions of Ukraine with the following organizations involved:

Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine

Clusters EAM (Engineering / Automation / Mechinary) – Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia

Maritime cluster of Ukraine (Mykolaiv)

Vinnytsia instrumentation and industrial automation clusters

Khmelnytsky light industry and tourism clusters

Ukrainian Furniture Association

Poltava agro-food cluster initiative (based on Center 4.0)

The project covers the needs of Ukrainian clusters participants in such categories

Evacuation / relocation of SMEs, cluster members and their families to country’s safe regions.

Reorientation / adoption of HR of industrial and hitech SME to new challenges.

Critical industries production organization / support: supply of components, products, technologies and technical assistance.

Humanitarian aid logistics management.

Integration / matching with local administrations and other humanitarian aid coordinators in the field.


Email: info@industry4ukraine.net
Phone: +380 50 327 34 61